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All Things Gene Keys


Victoire (Victoria) offers a unique approach to the perenial wisdom of The Gene Keys which she has deeply studied  she has been involved with this Transmission since 2014 and done a number of in-person rare retreats with  Richard Rudd. She is also an "Ambassador" and the official translator of the Gene Keys book for the French language. 

Zen of mBraining

This is a synergistic and wholistic approach for personal and/or professional use. You will learn how to facilitate neurological coherency and spiritual groundedness through powerful calming, centering, and embodiment practices, for yourself and your clients. This supports the emergence of healing processes, flow states, intuition, insight, wise decision making, emotional resiliency and existential realization.
We train and certify coaches in this approach, through a 12 week online training program, or a 10 day in-person immersion training retreat, and we also offer it as a pure "retreat" experience without the training/certification aspects.

Subconscious Deprogramming

Subconscious Deprogramming is the condition for Presence and fulfillment in life. This simple approach  combines subconscious communication with heart coherence for effective and deep sustainable transformation.

We train and certify facilitators through a 5 week online program or a five day in-person training.

Coaching Certifications

Our certification trainings are a solid base for those wishing to integrate deep coherency and all of its implications and applications into their coaching or teaching practices. Choose between our on-line formats or an in-person training retreat.

Workshops (on site)

We offer regular one, two or three day workshops on site:

  • Gene Keys

  • Subconscious Deprogramming
  • Vinyasa Yoga

  • Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Short Form)

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