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Victoire moved to Peru in 2016 and started painting in earnest after a decades long hiatus.

The Sacred Valley and its mountains are a propitious environment for such work.

These paintings are deeply inspired by the Gene Keys and most often come through while meditating. The accompanying texts are their verbal expressions.

All images are protected under international copyright laws.

Prints for all these paintings are available for purchase

Contemplations into the numinous...

The Water Eye

The Water Eye_low72(1).jpg
The Water Eye, 50x70 cm Acrylic on canvas, 2017

What is the Water Eye?

It is a window within the heart of heaven with tears that have crystal lightning beamings for the world below.

Each tear falls to Earth along a silver thread to the crown of the Stupa.

From there they gather like prayer and then cascade down the mountains as holy springs for the benefit of all beings.

Of course this is the Involution pathway.

There is an Evolution pathway (represented by the Stupa).

It was built from the Earth and by her children on a sacred place where silver springs emerge from her depths.
The Stupa is there as a beacon and reminder of Grace.

May all Beings be happy and peaceful and feel the rain of blessings from the sacred Water Eye!

May its tears from within touch us all with Grace, Grace, Grace !

Inside the Water Eye

Inside the Water Eye 75kb.jpg
Inside the Water Eye, 50x70 cm Acrylic on canvas, 2023

Quintessence and the 7 Rays

Quintessence and The 7 Sacred Seals72.jpg
Quintessence and the 7 Rays, 50x70 cm Acrylic on canvas, 2017

This painting is a journey to the heart of a sun whose sacred beams shine forth through the jungle-like darknesses of all our spaces.

Something is there, shining deep within : the Quintessence gathering rays for the benefit of all Beings.

A fractal of the Seven Sacred Seals and their holy echoes in all directions.

Wherever your ship may be, whatever night is holding you, look deeply and you will see the stellar heart beacon beckoning warmth and divine Love.

Blessed be !

The Pearl

The Pearl72.jpg
The Pearl, 50x70 cm Acrylic on canvas, 2017

The Pearl is by nature aquatic, oceanic and lunar, an emanation of the hidden Light in the open darkness of our souls.

The more we attune to this fifth state, this plasmagorical body Within, the more we feel the Boundlessness of our limitless Being and the more its myriad windows open and shine reflecting in all directions the perfect one of the drop wherein She is both lost and found.

In other words and from the sacred geometry of the Star Pearl, she crystalizes and collapses from the Void, as the vortexing merkaba reveals the Space of her emanation and liberation.

In the 5th Sacred Seal, she is the pearlescence of Tsadkiel, the gentle light of Forgiveness timelessly soothing and softening with Invincible Tenderness every imaginable sharpness…

May You feel the caress of this gentle One.

Transmutation Inside a Black Whole

Transmutation Inside a Black Whole72.jpg
Transmutation Inside a Black Whole 60x70 cm Acrylic on canvas, 2017

This painting peeks into the loving alchemy that creates Life.
Universal Love is a compassionate all encompassing embrace that exerts miraculous pressure (black whole dynamics).

It creates the container for the emergence of Life from cellular to planetary systems.

A deeply feminine process !

The glue that binds this is compassion, because it goes to the very heart of matter no matter what ! Its effect is elemental Transmutation, hence the title.

May this image feed you at the cellular level with certainty that All is well and All will be well!

The Grail

The Grail, 60x80cm, acrylic on canvas, 2019

The Grail

Holding fully and gently in the One hearts' embrace

Seeing what Is 

Deeply luminous beloved perfect

Outpouring of tender loving radiance

The sun in every flower

The glow in every drop 

The purity in every breath…

Enfolding all in the quintessence of caring and sacred presence'ing

Giving thanks for the grace of suffering
 is divine alchemy transmuting that suffering
 into gold


Timelessness (unfinished), 80x100cm, acrylic on canvas, 2020

The Sunless Sea

The Sunless Sea (unfinished), 80x120cm, acrylic on canvas, 2020

Moon Temple Mystery

Moon Temple Mystery, 21x29cm watercolor on paper, 2013

The Organizing Committee

organizing commitee72.jpg
The Organizing Committee, watercolor on paper, 21x29cm, 1999

The Supramental Field holds us all; it is a  pulsing golden softness that  can  appear to   our naked  water eye  when  we least  expect  it,

reminding us that the Ultimate is Loving and waiting quite patiently, for us to realize That!

To All My Relations

To All My Relations, 10x14cm ink on paper, 1997

Heart of Wisdom

Heart of Wisdom, 10x14cm, Ink on paper, 2022

to the artist Ma Yuan, China, XIIth Century

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