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"The idea of healing without anything more than breath is extraordinary. Connect to my self  through the method, holding Victoria's hand in a procces of self exploration is an experience of love and growing in to a way of recognition like a ligth that shines for My self and for others around me, My eternal gratitude for this oportunity and all My gratitude to You for the beautiful way you teach"  - Mynor Herera


"I am so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to receive different kinds of sessions from Victoire. I feel a great shift of mind and energy during the sessions and the following days. Emotions and worries move through, leaving me more clear, stable, balanced. During the sessions, Victoire holds safe space and loving communication, guiding gently to explore shadows, embrace them and bring them to light, integrating all. Her intuitive messages invite me for deeper insights about the issues I deal with. I feel the effects increase and are more notable, when taking few sessions regularly, since every time it gets more and more clear and balanced. Thank you Victoire for facilitating these healing experiences!!"

                                                                              -  Ana Pugliese, Tantra Yoga, Womb Healing


"Victoria is a pure vessel who has truly received the knowledge of the gene keys, and if you are interested in learning from her, her workshop delivers an unmatched experience. She comes from a real intention to teach from love and it is felt throughout the entire process. She owns her material from having lived it and cares deeply enough to share it with love. I feel that few have this purity of intention, clarity of wisdom, and charm of humor in teaching others. She is a safe place to unwind in and receive the high frequency transmission of the gene keys, like being transported to a different realm in order to renew, jumpstart, or upgrade oneself in the process of learning, and potentially healing, simultaneously. I highly recommend benefiting from her expertise in this opportunity and having lots of fun doing it, so that learning becomes easy!"

 - Talin Malekian, Reconnective Healer and Astrologer

"Victoire and I had a 1:1 session on my Hologenetic Profile through the Gene Keys.

She was BRIGHT , CLEAR , and her energy is FOCUSED fully on you during the entire session. I really appreciate the way she navigates the shadow aspects that when revealed may take us toward shame and hiding, yet she has a TRUE gift of allowing the process to unfold for itself . As a facilitator she flows like a river- full of compassion and empathy and delivers impeccable detail and has so much passion for the work. After my profile reading , my crown was lit up , my eyes looked absolutely beautiful in the mirror, and my heart was BEAMING with hope."                                                       

                                                                                                                             -Jazmin Checo

"I had a very beautiful 1 day personal workshop with Victoire.
She explained about the Gen
eKeys and gave me a beginner introduction. She connected different fields, so I could get a nice new picture and new awareness could arise. The way she put it, it opened doors on deeper layers, not only mentally.
She offered an embodied practise that was fun and very interesting as there was space to explore deeper parts in me. I felt safe to go deep into my process. It was a very nice day and I will do it again, when it's aligns. Thank you Victoire"

- Ute B., Mentor and Energy Worker

"I am happy to have inaugurated this center "Heart of Wisdom"  located in the heart of the Sacred Valley in Peru where Victoire and Adolfo warmly welcomed us. Our stay was punctuated by times of learning, meditation, yoga, cultural visits, hiking, healing and introspection. As a holistic therapist, I expected to learn innovative psycho-emotional techniques to complement my naturopathic activity and to live an experience of liberation and personal evolution. A successful gamble! I was enchanted by this magical place where "the sacred" takes all its meaning and especially by  Victoire's  teaching and her kindness. Thanks to her experience and her attentive and gentle listening, she leaves all the room for the expression of our Self in order to allow us to follow our intuition and go courageously towards creativity. The teaching around the mBraining was given with a lot of passion and of course WISDOM... Thank you very much Victoire!!!!And thank you to Adolfo for the morning sessions of meditation, yoga, walks and enriching conversations. I would also like to say that we were comfortably installed in our "casita" and well fed thanks to the kitchen of Miguel Angel who prepared delicious vegetarian meals full of colors. So we left with beautiful memories of these moments shared all together, great tools for emotional release and a little more wisdom...".                - Sonia De Al, Naturopath 


"Victoire's work and gifts/genius are cutting edge powerful.  I brought my deepest vulnerability to our alchemical table, and was met with incredible presence and compassion. She gently offers a unique combination of a lifelong integration of brilliant healing modalities artfully intertwined with as big a cosmic heart as i've come across, allowing new resonant light for the next steps on the path. While i asked myself some years back to gather in the blessings of many gifted guides over the decades to walk my integration path alone, i knew it was time for assistance from this plane and was greatly rewarded when it was offered.  I highly recommend this beautiful being if it is time for a hand to share in lighting your next steps."

                                                                                                              - Pam DeLeo, LMT, MBA


"Victoire Slakey has accompanied me on several occasions for my well-being.
Indeed being myself a therapist for 15 years, it is essential when we are care providers to take good care of ourselves in order to be at the top in our work. My professional experience also makes me demanding towards my coach... Through her coaching, Victoire has been able to provide me with precious help. I also followed training courses with her.
This is why I recommend her without hesitation for her great professionalism, her capacity to listen, her presence, her authenticity and her joie de vivre!"

                                   - Gwénaëlle André, Naturopath, Iridiology and Psycho-energy worker

"I first met Victoire in 2011 as my Instructor for Psych-K® Advanced. What an inspirational lady! Not only is her teaching thorough, but her energy is contagious.  She has a light-hearted, playful manner, yet is so meticulous and comprehensive in her work that you know she is authentically giving you the best service possible.  Victoire is so well read and her studies in multiple scientific and healing modalities and fields allow her to bring insights and information from numerous sources to the table.

The golden keys I learnt from her were:  to remain curious, to look and think outside of myself, to test and question without projecting a desired outcome and to step into my power and do the work. I am honored to call her my friend and am so grateful for her teaching."

                                                                            - Sands Pedegana (Cape Town, South Africa)

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