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The Gene Keys


The Gene Keys, a beautiful opus written by Richard Rudd, describes the 64 archetypes of human consciousness as they manifest and evolve from fear to Love. Based on the metaphysics of perennial philosophy   and  the  I Ching, one could call "The Gene Keys" a synthesis of wisdom and a "map" of human consciousness, bearing in mind that the map is not the territory!

We bring this work to ours through the I AM Process,  a simple, playful and profound way to rest in the mystery of the heart-mind for the liberation of the human spirit. We also offer contemplative sessions, Hologenetic Profile readings and workshops inspired by this seminal work.

Victoire is a member of the Gene Keys Ambassador Circle and the official translator of The Gene Keys book into French: "Les Clés Génétiques - En Quête du Sublime" published by Gruppo Macro.  She's been involved  with this Transmission since 2014 and her work comes from a place of deep love and integration.


You are also wholeheartedly encouraged to go to the source and begin exploring for yourself!

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