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Victoire and Adolfo have a long and deep experience of contemplative and meditative practices, wilderness and metaphysics.
Victoire has given hundreds of courses and trainings in Europe and North America in consciousness approaches since 1999.
Adolfo has extensive experience in teaching wilderness living, rock climbing, Zen and embodiment practices.

We speak English, French and Spanish

Our vision comes from the heart, and is shared by many on this beautiful planet. Life is both a mystery and a simple moment-by-moment experience. We make it beautiful and fulfilling for ourselves and others as we deepen and expand our loving and creative free will. We are here for that, from the mundane to the spiritual, in service to goodness, truth and beauty.

                             As the great Vipassana teacher SN Goenka used to say:

"You are bound to be successful!"

Victoire's bio

Profile_Vic 2.jpg
 USA - 1973
Peru - 2019

My name is Victoire QoriQ'ente (Golden Hummingbird) Slakey Aguirre
I was born in Paris, rue des Volontaires, in 1965 and have lived in the Congo, the United States, France and now Peru. I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil and am to this day an incorrigible doodler.

MoonTemple copy.jpg

Since I was a young child, the realisation that "if I were not me I would be somebody else" has prompted deep inquiry into the nature of consciousness, being and identification.

In my teens, besides art and in order to delve deeper into the mysterious question of humankind, I naturally gravitated towards poetry, psychology, anthropology and philosophy.

I began the practice of Tai Chi Chuan when I was 16, was deeply influenced by Ram Dass' "Be Here Now", the Tao Te Ching, Carlos Castaneda and such authors as Dickens, Kurt Vonnegut, Tolkien and Ursula Leguin.

I attended several art schools, from an amazing public high school in the USA where I was fortunate to have 2 hours of studio art every day, to France where I went to art school and university for 5 years.

In my early 20's I started a family and we lived off the grid on a permaculture homestead in the French Pyrenees for 5 years until 1999.

During this time I studied Sri Aurobindo and Carl Jung and in parallel began a long ongoing process of earnest training, certification and professional practice in what I call consciousness technologies, disciplines and therapies.



Tai Chi Chuan - Yang Short Form
An ancient Chinese movement discipline I began learning in 1983 and have practised mostly diligently since then. Amongst others, my teachers were RW Smith and Maggie Newman, both direct students of Professor Cheng Man Ching, as well as Hal Mosher and Allen Pittman, who have achieved mastery of the internal martial arts.

Sophrologie & Sophro-Analyse (Instructor and Coach)
A synthesis of guided relaxation and autogenic training approaches informed by "active psychoanalysis".

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Master Practitioner)
An amazing body of knowledge and strategies distilled from the observation and behavioral modeling of masters in the field of therapy and communication.

Voice Dialogue (Facilitator)
A beautiful and playful approach to exploring the psyche developped by two Jungian psychologists, Hal and Sidra Stone.

Wisdom of the Body (Co-developper and Teacher)
Created by Allen Pittman, a synthesis of yoga and martial arts aimed at rediscovering the whole spectrum of movement that the human being experiences from birth onwards.

PSYCH-K (Instructor and Facilitator)
Subconscious reprogramming made easy through the alliance of kinesiology, NLP and an ancient Polynesian understanding of the psyche, created by Rob Williams.

Heartmath (One:One Provider)
The quintessential practice for mental and emotional resiliency as developped by the pioneering world renowned Heartmath Institute.

Unified Field Physics (Delegate and Emissary)
Precious informations that link Life and Space, Inside and Outside. The Fractal Holographic Universe Theory of the physicist Nassim Haramein helps one to integrate the Unified Field, and that ain't trivial!
mBraining (Coach Trainer and Master Coach)
Developped by Grant Soosalu, Whole body applied neurosciences for enhanced coherency.

The Gene Keys (Ambassador and Official French Translator)
An extraordinary transmission by Richard Rudd, a synthesis of wisdom teachings for unlocking the higher purpose hidden in our DNA. The French version of The Gene Keys will be available in the fall of 2023.

Acupresence (student)
A deep and powerful system that allies the ancient Chinese 5 element system with the I Ching, Human Design and the Gene Keys. AcuPresence is a beautiful vibrational healing art of Spirit attuning its own physical vehicle through the Sacred Sites that are the AcuPresence points. Created by Alaya DeNoyelles.


Ascend the Frequencies - RJ Spina

RJ Spina is an authentic metaphysical master teacher. In 2016, he healed himself of "incurable" severe paralysis and a host of other ailments. He has written two books to share his extraordinary knowledge: "Supercharged Self-healing", and "Change Your Mind" which addresses subconscious deprogramming. This material of pure consciousness blows everything out of the water, and palpably or tangibly brings alignment back into effective Presence. This transmission of love and wisdom  flows on the stream of Ramana Maharshi, Paramahansa Yogananda and all the great masters of humanity.

Other subjects of ongoing study and practice:

Biology and Unified Field Physics

The Nature of Health

I have given hundreds of classes and workshops, and one-on-one sessions.
Whether in private sessions or group work, my approach is synergistic, fun and in service to our spiritual and ecological awakening.
Metta Bhavana
May all Beings be happy!
May all Beings be free from suffering!
May all Beings be liberated, liberated, liberated!

Email: or

Cell, WA or TG : +51 928 101 192

Adolfo's bio


I grew up in South America at the foothills of the great Andes Mountains where I spent much of my childhood and adolescence on horseback, trekking and rock climbing. This unusual distance from a highly urban cultural roots gave me an observer’s perspective of the society and the enculturation I was growing up in. My early formal background was in Eastern Philosophy studies and Zen Martial Arts as a full time endeavor from 1973 to 1977.  I was also part of the political movements of that period. Because of a military dictatorship in Chile and thanks to scholarships, I moved to the U.S. to pursue other academics.

I was part of the Latin American version of the Theosophical Society and while living in New York City l joined the United Lodge of Theosophists for two years, investigating Giordano Bruno and the alchemists. I feel greatly indebted to the human warmth and legacy of that organization; they offered the first Western non-racist and experiential teachings in Eastern traditions: Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Sufism etc.


After college and graduate school, while engaged in a successful career as Urban Planner in New England, I had a series of premonitory dreams about war and environmental destruction caused by humans, which began to actually happen. Deeply moved by the unusual experience, I left my profession and chose a career in ecology and field research. I worked in applied ecology for a decade, starting with a season at the New Alchemy Institute in Rhode Island and then as Director of Planning for The Permaculture Institute of California where we tackled a number of small, medium and large legal, hands-on restoration and design projects.


As a result of early life and academic choices I have spent a large percentage  of my life in the wilderness from Patagonia to Alaska and the rain forests of Central America. I worked at the University of California for 11 years collaborating with the seasonal research on the Maya, which took me to the rainforests of Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. More recently I lived in one of the last ancient temperate rainforests on the planet in Patagonia, and am now in the mountains of the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Applied Zen
My life-time Zen training and practice led me to develop and teach a meditative approach to mountaineering,  a technical rock-climbing "meditation-in-movement" style which I have also brought to my teaching of Vinyasa Yoga in three countries.


A second consequence of Zen practice has been my entering into the psychotherapy environment. The meeting of various psychologists and  psychiatric professionals at Zen monasteries opened a new avenue in my life apart from my seasonal professional background as a consultant. I have worked in psychiatric and therapeutic environments: from Boston’s Mclean Psychiatric Hospital in the 80ś, to the Santa Barbara  California School District Center for Therapeutic Education in 2017-18, generally with the most difficult and dangerous cases. I have also taught Zen at graduate psychology institutions in South America. I called it “Aroma Zen” so people would not think that they would learn Zen in a class environment, but that they would get a hint.

The Heart of Wisdom Work

Since all the premonitory dreams regarding our historical and evolutionary process that I had since the 1980's have come to pass,  in the last few years  I have taken the responsibility of creating a more coherent response to their insights.

Communicating with Victoire, learning from her neuroscience based work and seeing the world from the perspective of her beautiful being and rich life experience, I made a life-long decision to contribute to her work from my focus in Eastern practices and natural philosophy which we began to teach together in 2019. Our goal is to provide deep experiential trainings and certifications in proven meditation-based self-awareness practices and scientifically-based biological alignment which together constitute a very solid foundation for any spiritual path you may wish to pursue, or life challenge you may need to face.


Seeking a natural philosophy, free of dogmas, we find that the union of western science and eastern spirituality is one of the key works of our time as a base ground and integrating model for our modern views of spirituality, the cosmos and evolution.

This recent spark of knowledge we call "modern times" has come after two millennia of dogma and obscurantism, while our access to the cultures and ancient traditions of the world and to the cosmological discoveries of modern science are just a few decades old. In this sudden cacophony of information and possible alternative paths it would be useful and peace-giving to get in touch with our psychic and subconscious baggage which is mainly occupied by a past medieval worldview that is incompatible with any 21st Century enlightenment: the quantum universe, women's rights, ecology and the awareness of our risk of extinction because of the destruction of the biosphere.

How do we reframe our human identity for freedom, peace and the survival of our species?
With an open heart, we welcome you to this work.

Email: or
Cell, Whatsapp & TG: +51 929 519 356

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