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our work & vision


Victoire and Adolfo have a long and deep experience of contemplative and meditative practices, wilderness and consciousness technologies.
Victoire has given hundreds of courses and trainings in Europe and North America in consciousness approaches since 1999.
Adolfo has extensive experience in teaching wilderness living, rock climbing, Zen and embodiment practices.

We speak English, French and Spanish

Our vision comes from the heart, and is shared by many on this beautiful planet. Life is both a mystery and a simple moment-by-moment experience. We make it beautiful and fulfilling for ourselves and others as we deepen and expand our loving and creative free will. We are here for that, from the mundane to the spiritual, in service to goodness, truth and beauty.

                             As the great Vipassana teacher SN Goenka used to say:

"Yiare bound to be successful!"

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