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                      The Property

The property is on a hill top against a mountain and adjacent to a small protected  archeological site, making its location unique: both hidden, peaceful and very close to the main valley road that links all the towns and the city of Cusco.

All Specs

• All day sun exposition
Spring water for drinking ***
• Channel water for irrigation
High speed Fiber Optic Internet ***
• Trails starts right behind the house leading to a lake on the sacred  “Pitusiray” mountain, beautiful channel path to nearest town and river, etc. 
• The property is rural, but only 10 minutes drive from the nearest town of Calca, with bank. hospital, sizable local vegetables fish and meat market, nice cafes and restaurants, mechanics shops, hardware stores, bus station and transport
• 1.5 hrs to the international tourist destination city of Cuzco: malls, sophisticated cuisine, archaeological sites, arts and crafts, airport
• The property is immediately adjacent a protected  archaeological site, where the zoning insures there will not be any development, only small-scale agriculture by the local native community is permitted
• An outstanding opportunity for peace, water resources and quiet community, the property  has served as a retreat center for therapeutic certifications


Total Land = 1.747 m2 = 0.4316931 Acres

Total Built = 337.5 m2


       Total Main House : 186m2

Ground Floor: 98m2, Second floor: 48 m2, Covered Patio: 40m2

          Total Guest Space =  59.5 m2

Casita:27.5m2, Patio Kitchen: 22.5 m2, BathHouse: 9.4 m2

 Dome =  47 m2


Roofed area  wood shop, construction materials, storage

   and 2500 liter water storage tank, pressure pump. = 40 m2

  Storage room =  5 m2

Size: Approx 186 sq meters with open kitchen/living room, fireplace, 2 bedrooms, office and 2 baths + a large covered patio. The house comprises ecological and permaculture principles with a water conservation and composting system. There is  a fenced vegetable garden and young fruit trees.

The house was built in 2019. It is a light adobe construction with a concrete foundation, wooden posts and beams reinforced by an elegant light metal structure making it earthquake proof, as based on a previous design tested by the 8.8 earthquake in Chile in 2010. 

The property is on an ancient terraced hill top and adjacent a small protected archeological site making its location unique: both hidden, peaceful and very close to the main valley road that links Pisaq to Urubamba and Ollantaytambo, and the city of Cuzco.

The Sacred Valley of Peru

The Sacred Valley is an international tourist destination famous for its amazing archaeological sites such as MachuPicchu, Sacsayhuaman, Pisaq, among others, and the City of Cuzco of course. The valley is also known for having one of the world's best year-round climates; warm but not hot and cool but not cold. It is flanked by mountains that separate it from the massive amazon watershed that ensures mild rain for six months out of the year in a warm and sunny weather system where you can have both rain and sun three times in the same day in the rainy season, and glorious sunshine in the dry season. It is not a humid climate despite being near the equator and the rain forests. There are no poisonous bugs or dangerous animals.

The Valley is home to some of the finest cuisine and a string of charming towns and small scale sustainable agriculture making it an epicurian oasis.

There are vibrant expat and native communities with wonderful alternative schools, cultural events and lots of outdoor ecological projects and opportunities. 

Urco  Archeological Site

Property Photos
The archeological preserve adjacent the house
1  - PROPERTY-GREEN-700.jpg
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